Surgery called vitrectomy is the best way to treat a macular pucker. Your doctor will remove some of the vitreous and scar tissue that is pulling on your macula. This flattens the macula, returning it to its proper position. It is likely your vision will slowly improve. However, your sight may not be as good as it was before macular pucker.

What are vitrectomy surgery risks?
Like all surgery, vitrectomy has some risks. They include:

  • Eye infection
  • Bleeding in your eye
  • A detached retina (where the retina lifts away from the back of the eye)
  • Having the macular pucker happen again
  • Cataract, when the lens in your eye becomes cloudy

Your ophthalmologist will talk about these risks and how vitrectomy surgery may help you. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have questions about your upcoming surgery.