American Academy of Ophthalmology Eye Health A-Z

RAWNY encourages you to read more about specific diagnosis at an educational resource provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). The AAO’s EyeSmart website provides ophthalmologist-reviewed information about eye diseases and treatments, eye health news and tips for a lifetime of good eye health.


Macular Degeneration Association

RAWNY is a proud member of The Macular Degeneration Association. Visit their website for  for a variety of free resources educational programs for patients living with Age-Related Macular Degeneration.


Low Vision Services

As retina specialists, we do not prescribe glasses, or provide low vision aide or services. However, we can help you understand how low vision aides may be helpful for your condition, and refer you to a local low-vision specialist or center. With many retinal diseases such as age-related macular denegation, peripheral vision is usually not affected. Therefore, people can often utilize their remaining vision to maintain a satisfying lifestyle. Low-vision optical devices, closed-circuit television, specialized lighting, magnifying devices, large-print reading materials, and talking/computerized devices are just some of the low vision aides that can help patients maintain independence and continue to enjoy their favorite activities. If you would like a referral to a low vision center, please ask your doctor or call our office today. Some of the Low Vision Centers we refer patients to are:

Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI)

Southern Tier Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (STAVI)

Visually Impaired Advancement (VIA) Low Vision Clinic 

Wynne Eye Associates Low Vision Services


Patient Assistance and Support Programs

Below you will find downloadable forms and website resources that may help provide financial assistance for qualifying individuals. Please keep in mind that the decision to use a certain drug is a clinical one made by the treating physician and each individual patient. The name of the medication supported by the program can be seen in bold.


Medicare Check List

Retina patients should consider these factors before signing up or switching to any Medicare plan. Learn more by downloading this Open Enrollment Medicare Checklist provided by the American Society of Retina Specialists. asrs_medicare-checklist_2022_final


Understanding Intravitreal Injections